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Welcome to the CrushGrind® Australian Home.

We are the sole Australian CrushGrind® Partner, supplying these fantastic grinder mechanisms to the woodturning market in Australia.

We went searching a few years ago for a superior mechanism for grinders as we, and a few friends were making them. We couldn't see the point of spending hours of our time and a beautiful piece of wood creating a beautiful grinder whose mechanism will likely fail within 1-2 years of regular use.

We stopped searching when we found CrushGrind®, and when finding we needed to buy them in large quantities decided to see if we could share them around.

They are a sensational grinder, suitable for Salt, Pepper, Coffee and many spices. They have an easily accessible adjustment wheel to set the grain size and are used within many high quality brands within the world. The Crusgrind 260 mechanism is suitable to make mills of 12-30cm in height, while the Crushgrind 500 is suitable to make mills from 12-60cm in height. The Crushgrind Wood mechanism is suitable for smaller grinders, whose height is not determined by any mechanism dimension. All are now readily available. The internal mechanism has been recently redesigned and released as "Crushgrind Diamond". The main difference is the removal of the ratchet mechanism after a series of failures.

They are sold through my engineering consultancy company Cornerstone Solutions, or you can find them in many woodturning suppliers around Australia.

Please look around this website for information on the mechanisms and making mills. There is a section you can see some of the beautiful creations we and many other Australian turners have made.
If you would like to purchase a CrushGrind® grinder mechanism, checkout our Where to buy section. Or, if you have any further questions, please contact us via the Contact section.