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How to use CrushGrind®
Turning the base
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How to use CrushGrind®.
Making a Traditional Pepper Mill
Using a Fence Post Section and "CrushGrind®" Mechanism

1. Cut section between rails from fence post
2. Square timber

3. Mount in lathe between centres and bring to round - mount timber firmly at all times
4. Make sure you have a clean cut at each end and slightly undercut

5. Measure off 240mm for body of unit and make a deep parting cut using the parting tool ensuring parts sit "flat" - balance of material is used as top (ideally you would have around 90mm to work with for the top)
6. Remove from lathe and cut into two where you have parted
7. Mark end centre point in piece to be used for body where you have just made the cut

Turning the base

8. Remount the 240mm section with "parted" end in chuck
9. Take 45mm bit and drill to 20mm depth

10. Take 38mm bit and drill further 35mm to receive mechanism when inserted

11. Drill with 20mm - 25mm bit (depends on hole size required) to half way through the length of timber

12. Reverse timber
13. Check that timber is slightly undercut - rectify if required down to less than diameter of 25mm hole to be drilled
14. Use 35mm bit to drill to depth of 22mm

Remove 35mm bit and drill with 20mm - 25mm bit to meet the hole drilled from other end

16. Get or make mounting blocks to fit in 44mm and 35mm holes of base

17. Mount body of unit on "special" insert blocks made to hold each end

18. Mark out with pencil at key points on work
19. Carry out spindle turning to achieve design selected
20. After sanding and polishing remove from lathe and set aside.

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