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How to use CrushGrind®
Turning the base
Turning to top
Assemble the mill

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How to use CrushGrind®.
Turning the top

21. Mount piece in lathe - top of the unit in the chuck to ensure timber grain flows through your work
22. Bring tail stock up to find centre
23. Take 22mm bit and drill receiving hole (approx. 50mm) - need to be deep enough to receive the drive spindle - always check for depth before inserting driver unit.

24. Turn 18mm long spigot down to 35mm to fit receiving hole in body of unit

25. Turn top to design selected and match top to body of unit
26. Part off last section
27. Reverse the top and grip in chuck by spigot
28. Turn off remaining timber and blend in
29. Polish as required - because of handling and use, ideal to have a hard wearing surface - I have found Rustins Danish Oil the best

Assembling the mill

30. Insert mechanism into body of unit FIRST

31. Test that when top is put on the driver spindle does not bottom out because 22mm not drilled deep enough - rectify by drilling deeper if required but be sure not to go too far - alternative is to shorten the drive spindle.
32. Insert drive unit

33. Bring top and body together ensuring all runs freely

34. Enjoy!

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